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Delight your guests with our custom handmade soap favours!

Since the 16th century, bridal couples have given wedding favours, often love knots made of ribbon and lace to thank their guests for sharing in their big day, Today, wedding favours are very different as is the world we live in. Becoming more sustainable in our daily lives, reducing our use of oil-based plastic and being kinder to our natural environment extends to wedding favours too. 


Our 100% organic soaps are the perfect eco-friendly wedding favour. No man-made nasties or single use plastic and definitely no palm oil! Every soap is hand made and unique in design. With popular essential oil fragrances and natural butters, your guests will marvel at the thoughtfulness of your gift. Imagine how fragrant your wedding breakfast table will be?

With 100g, 60g or 15g bars available, we have a “wow factor” wedding favour with an environmental message to impress your guests.


Why choose a soap bar?

By choosing a soap bar as your wedding favour, you will be rewarding your guests with a luxury gift they will enjoy long after the celebrations have finished. 

North Devon Soap bars are the ideal choice for your eco-concious wedding favour. No machine made plastic in sight. Every soap bar is handmade in small batches. Our soap bars are medically approved for washing, shampooing and shaving. 

We offer our soap in six of the most popular wedding colours. You can personalise the paper wrap around your soap bar with the bride and groom's names and wedding date in a matching colour too.

Our wedding favour soap is infused with lavender and peppermint essential oils. Both herbs offer medicinal benefits and emit a minty floral aroma. Your wedding breakfast tables will smell divine. 

Pricing starts from 99p for a 15g soap bar. 60g and 90g soap bars available too.


How eco-friendly is your soap?

Did you know pump action soap dispensers are not recyclable? Soaps bars are an increasingly popular alternative to liquid soap as they reduce the amount of single use plastic found in bathrooms and washing areas.  

We have taken great care to ensure our soap is as environmentally friendly as possible. We use only organic oils and butters with 100% natural essential oils to add medicinal benefits and aromas.

We do not use any form of palm oil. Our investigations found even sustainable palm oil was not as environmentally friendly as its name suggests. Read Stan The Environmental Seagull's blog here.

Our packaging is all recyclable and wherever possible made from recycled materials. We are not perfect but we are well ahead of many of our competitors.

A short customer story

Alice Martin (née England) contacted us wanting an eco-friendly wedding favour. She liked the idea of an organic soap that was plastic free, did not contain palm oil and could be supplied in a custom printed box. Her design of course!

“The plastic pollution crisis is a real problem that we all need to take note of and act on. I wanted to find an eco-friendly wedding favour that our guests would love and got that message across.

I chose North Devon Soap because they offered great value for money, 100% organic soap and were able to print the soap box to my liking.

The soap itself is gorgeous and was a real hit with the guests.”

Alice  Martin (née England)